Monday, January 3, 2011

Summer 1986-7

It is quite strange that I have posted this old photograph of myself up here with all the ladies are no longer with us. But I think its OK, because this particular aspect of me, is probably no longer with us either. The death of youthful beauty, is now making way for the inner beauty and power of me as the 'crone' I am now. 

Its the time of that of the year when one clears out all the old boxes and bits..I found this amongst some others of yours truly, probably taken around 1986-7. I think it was taken when I lived in Brunswick Street Fitzroy, at Maureen Fallons beautiful apartment. The lilies do look like her sort of accouterment. Its hard to believe I looked like that, and yet felt so unattractive! Just goes to show to not believe the stories you tell yourself..

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