Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ode to my sister, Peta van Rood

Here she is, my beautiful sister Peta, who died on July 12th 2009. She was only 62. Her death was her release. She'd had some very hard challenges, yet lately she seemed so well and happy in her wonderful 35 year old partnership with Stephen George. She has left behind a son, Sam van Rood, who lives in London with his partner Jane. (he has just suffered a serious stroke earlier this year..) And a daughter, Rosie. The shock of Peta's sudden and unexpected death will take perhaps years to real-ize.

I love this picture of her, this was her at her finest, (happy always when with Nature). A great Spirit, Peta has touched many many people with her unconditional love and inclusive humanitarian nature. Bless you my sister, you will be missed.....